With shades of old, water-colored soul, pop stood upside down, and smoky, jazz-infused grooves, Kari Marguerite is
sure to wow you with her powerful vocals.

A singer-songwriter from Spokane Washington, her playful sultry style is reminiscent of the the unabashed pop of Sara Barielles, the throwback soul of Amy
Winehouse,and the come-hither stylings of Fiona Apple.

In October of 2011, Kari Marguerite released her debut album with Producer, Eddie Ramirez. The self titled LP
is a 12 song journey through the fanastic and the everyday. "The jubilation of new love, the deep understanding of mature
love, cautionary tales, and even my dorky sense of humor, " says Kari Marguerite, "I think these songs speak to the heart,
and make you bop your head at the same time."

You can listen to the album and download it here, or on Amazon.com, I-Tunes, or Cdbaby.com.

Kari Marguerite is currently in production for her second studio album, to be released in 2019.


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