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My first album review, from the fine and fantastic music fans at  
"Kari Marguerite and the 76 Music Cocktail:
2 Part Soul
1 Part Jazz
1 Part Funk
1 Part Pop
2 Part Sassy

Mix, and get ready to dance."  Read the full review here.

103.1KCDA Local Lounge Show
"Kari Marguerite and the Seventy-Six is a one-of-a-kind band here in Spokane. With old-school soul, jazz, and funk presented in a pop-rock context, they certainly know how to catch you ear and get your body moving."  -Matt Loiocano, 103.1 KCDA Local Lounge.

Read the full review and listen to the show here. Album Review
If you lean toward singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple and Sarah Bareilles, you'll love this band. Kari is like a lively Amy Winehouse, smooth and cool, and the band, a jazz/soul creation with a great groove that compliments her perfectly. A solo piano opens "Strange Religion" then drums and bass are added to her sassy vocals. If you aren't bobbing your head and swaying to this one, you're dead. "Crosstown Bus" has a solid piano with bursts of well-played bluesy electric guitar. "Trip to the Moon" has an organ, giving it an old school soul sound. But just to keep us on our toes, they add acoustic guitar. Beautiful.
-Jamie Anderson, Album Review
Even if you don't live in a town with a jazz lounge... one is never far away if you've got a couple candles, a bottle of red wine, and the debut album from Kari Marguerite & The 76... solid instrumentation, soulful lyrics, and the best part... sassy vocals from Kari. Sometimes she is happy, sometimes she is rocking, but always... she is seductive.
-Ethan Maffey, Album Review
Kari Marguerite kicked off her musical career after receiving an anonymous note from a neighbor saying how much they enjoyed hearing her music when it drifted through their walls. She decided to take the plunge and start performing and the rest has been history.

Marguerite puts forth 12 well-rounded tracks on this, her first release. She combines classy jazz and American Standard elements with pop vibes to create a sound that demands the attention of her listeners. Her backing band matches her energy with funky bass lines and strong drumbeats but doesn’t overpower her. Instead, they provide a dynamic supplement to Marguerite’s equally dynamic voice. She’s cute without being silly and can still pack a punch when she decides to belt it out at the peak of her songs. It’s not surprising she’s become a fast local favorite.
-Tiffany Harms

The Spovangelist: A cute mention
"This week, you’re cancelling your plans for Kari Marguerite and the 76, a jazzy-soul-pop group from the ‘kan. The last time I saw this group play, I completely ignored my boyfriend for several hours except for drooling on his shoes. Kari Marguerite’s lyrics are smart and she plays the keyboard — possibly even well, although I was too busy basking in her magnificent aura to verify this."
-Erika Prins, The Spovangelist

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