The Bomb Lyrics

Oh, I knew you, but not that way
I was a little different,
not sure just what to say

you were always out of reach,
so hard to please
but still I tried, yes I tried

but you were nothing but damaged goods
lost mad misunderstood
I couldn't justify my time

all those secret dreams
I never realized
I put them all away
never saw the light of day
just stuck there in between
friends and a love affair
you gotta stick em together
or you gotta blow em apart
and I blew it apart

Bomb maker put down your switch
I got an itchy trigger finger
that I best not scratch

you know everything
about explosions and implosions
you dont know a thing about love

think it over reconsider
ruminate before it's too late
you can't take it back

and I should know better
it's none to clever
knowing you drop bombs like that

it took some time to heal up the burns
to put the fire out
to turn the round-about
I hope I live to learn
some people don't want savin
you gotta be a quick draw
push your button first
and blow them apart

...before they blow you apart
yes you blow them apart
and I blew it apart