Trip To The Moon Lyrics

It could all be so easy,
you like to make things hard
I'm not afraid of a challenge
if a thing is worth having

You can say all you want to
about two birds in a bush
little bird in my hand
I'll let you fly free

In the middle of the night
when the world is fast asleep
it may be the only time
that I ever stop and think,
Did I do the wrong thing?

You're Mars and I'm Venus
we met on a trip to the moon
and while pleasing, this foreign land
could not sustain us

and I have no hard feelings,
I have nothing bad to say
I could never speak your language
anyway, anyway, anyway

When I want to think of you
all I do is look up to the moon
I think of you and me
by the beach
next to the sea
of tranquility

Oh, man from Mars,
Stay away from me
we got different ideas
about gravity
You go your way
and I'll go mine
maybe we'll meet again
in another life